Ranch address

719 Sheep Creek Road

Cascade, MT 59421


Rockpile Ranch LLC dba Bull Run Guest Ranch

  The Rockpile Ranch LLC is a limited liability corporation owning/managing the Bull Run Guest Ranch and leasing the recreational rights on the Anderson Ranch Company’s 13,000 acre spread.  The LLC owners (members) are a diverse group with shared/multiple recreation use a top priority.  Many of the members have enjoyed the ranch trails, wildlife and scenery for over 30 years.

             This is an active ranch with another entity holding the grazing lease on the property.



             Come experience an unforgettable adventure, enjoy spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife on over 13,000 acres close to Great Falls.


For All Off Highway Vehicle Information, go to OHV Recreation link on the left.


Thank you to all the past customers who came to ride horseback, and ride the ranch.  Due to the general cost of doing business, we will no longer be able to offer the service.   We really appreciate your past business.


Rockpile Ranch LLC dba

Bull Run Guest Ranch

P O Box 602

Great Falls, MT 59403


To contact us:

Phone: 406-781-0967

E-mail: info@bullrunguestranch.com