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Doodles also come in many different generations and depending on what you are looking for one generation may be better then another.

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" "Ruby is everything we could've hoped for!She is 50 lbs right now and very tall.

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Goldendoodles are intuitive, they have a sense about people and other animals, they seem to just know when something is off or not right with their people. More…

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We are a license kennel in the state of PA. More…

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When she stands by the door, I grab her leash for a walk. When she brings me her ball, we play an impromptu game of fetch. But Thomas aims to feed and walk and monitor her activities with such obsessive precision, it often leads me to roll my eyes. But Thomas grew up with just one pet: a giant, drooling Saint Bernard named Sam whom Thomas got for his second birthday. Sam was fed at the same time every day and taken on walks on a leash around the neighborhood. When Thomas started school, the dog waited with him at the end of the driveway for the bus each morning.

These adorable, intelligent "designer pups" train easily and are so loving!All my puppies come from AKC parents.

We traveled 5 hours home with her with NO problems at all after picking her up.

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