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Indeed Goldendoodles do shed.

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Lucas is really taking on the responsibility of having a dog and helping with the training and making sure he has water and his toys.

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“Goldendoodles” are nothing more than mixed breed dogs. More…

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He will bring so many smiles and comfort, I can't wait!Once he gets his TDI card and bandana, I will send pictures so you can use on your website if you wish. More…

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Texture is denser than that of the Fleece with a similar texture to that of Lambs Wool. Appearing to contain a sheep lanolin in texture. The ideal wool coat should hang in loose hollow spirals. It is acceptable to exhibit a spring appearance rather than spiral but a sprung wool coat is undesirable. An overly thick or dense coat is also undesirable. There should be no body odor or shedding in the Fleece and Wool coat. Has the highest rate of success of the three coat types for being allergy and asthma friendly. It will need to be brushed/combed thoroughly about once a week. This coat also requires trimming about three four times a year. HAIR COAT Which both has odor and sheds in varying degrees, usually seen in the early generation dogs. It is acceptable to see a coat change from the puppy to adult coat, and also during hormonal changes in fertile bitches.

I think her kind eyes and loving demeanor would be perfect for it!Thank you for our perfect fur baby.

She plays well with our three children and helps my oldest when he is overwhelmed with life.

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